Acorn Squash


Ingredients (for two people)

– 1 acorn squash



– acorn squash pulp

– 1 onion, finely minced

– 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

– 10 mushrooms, chopped

– sea salt, black pepper to taste

– pinch of smoked paprika, curry

– 3-4 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil



Preheat the oven into 370F.

Wash and cut the acorn squash in two pieces.

Seeded and bake for 15-20 minutes or until tender.

Meanwhile, make the stuffing. Heat the olive oil in a fry pan into a medium heat.


Add the onion, garlic and cook until golden brown.

Seasoning, add the mushrooms and cook it for 4-5 more minutes.











When the squash is ready, it means tender, carefully take most of its pulp with a spoon.


Add the pulp to the stuffing and mix all together.

Fill the two halves of the squash with the mixture and bake for 10 minutes.

I had roasted bell peppers in my fridge that I used as a decoration. If you would like to decorate yours a little fresh parsley is good too!


Be creative and make your best green salad as a side dish!

I made my arugula salad with avocado, fresh mushrooms, grape tomatoes, green onions, pumpkin seeds and fresh garlic.

As a dressing I use sea or Himalayan salt, cumin, fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil… Delicious!


This is another easy and tasty dish =)