About Us


I’m a 15-year Breast Cancer Survival but, I’ve been beating the odds for stage IV survival since 2008. Ever since, I’ve had an immense desire of helping others to find their own way to survive cancer! Improving my knowledge about this illness and being open-minded were the keys to help myself to recover my health. My goal for ‘Survivor’s Way’, the website, is giving you tools to improve your lifestyle and diet in order to heal yourself. I’m doing it with love and dedication just for you!

These are some of the sections I have created on the site to focus on some key areas that play a very important role in a healthy life-style.


Living in a stage of serenity and enjoyable calm imparts natural healing. I want to tell you about the benefits of living in balance practicing meditation, yoga and mindfulness. It’s challenging to have self-control of emotions, but if you learn how to understand what you feel, what kind of emotion is bothering you, it’ll be helpful for your balance. Use these easy and simple techniques to help manage you stress levels, this is the goal!


There are a whole bunch of books about healing, cancer and alternative treatments. I recommend only the ones that I’ve already read. Some doctors research about foods to keep cancer cells away from us and that’s useful! I love survivor’s stories because they inspired me and give me the strength to never give up. I’d like you to get inspired too!


Expressing myself and letting my emotions come out is not an easy task. But it’s so much nicer and enjoyable if I do it with art. I love making and creating crafts! Pottery is wonderful ‘therapy’ for me, I feel free and balanced. Plus, I’ve developed my patience which I didn’t have before! Writing Haiku ia a beautiful way to exercise my brain and it helps me to improve my memory! I’d like to give you the curiosity to discover and develop your art side. Be creative, let your imagination flow without limits!


My husband and I love watching movies while having dinner. When we met we didn’t speak the other’s language. While learning, watching movies in English with subtitles in Spanish and vice versa, was our homework! Documentaries are our favorites! I’ve selected a few to share with you! I hope you enjoy them too!


I really love cooking especially because I’m a creative person and my kitchen is my favorite studio! I try to be organized for you by describing each recipe, because I’m terrible at following directions! This site is especially for you. I’m making it to give you new ideas, with new ingredients from other cultures that eat in a healthier way. I want to keep you out of the hospital! Treat your body as your most precious treasure and fill it with the best foods!


Nature is the essence of life and it’s essential for me. Traveling to discover different landscapes and cultures is priceless. Learning about other ways to interact, eat, communicate it’s so special for me. I fulfill my soul by visiting new places and being rejuvenated. Listening to, touching, smelling, tasting and looking at their nature motivates me. I need to feel completely alive in all my senses! I’d like to encourage you to travel and have all kinds of experiences to wake up your senses!